Hudson Grey Weddings

My name is Anna Tyler and I am from Bend, Oregon. I moved to Scottsdale eight years ago to pursue the dream of working in the wedding industry. I originally went to school for sports broadcasting and was working in that world for about a year before realizing I enjoyed it, but wasn't passionate about it. I thought of new career paths I could explore that excited me and decided to dip my toes in events. I started out as a banquet server and worked my way up, exploring every role on the venue side, before starting my company Hudson Grey. 

There is truly nothing more rewarding than watching months and months (sometimes years) of planning something come to fruition. I love being able to get so close to my clients, learning everything about them and their families and then getting to see them enjoy a day, one of the most important day of their lives, and knowing that I helped create it. Over 300+ weddings later and I still get  emotional at almost every wedding.

Romantic  - Timeless - Chic

My dream clients are those that have a general vision of what they like, but let me totally run with the design & details in pulling it all together and trust that every decision I make is in their best interest. Their wedding photos are my marketing so it’s equally as important to me that the design is spot on. Additionally, clients that understand that no part of the wedding planning process needs to be stressful unless you let it be. Follow the planning timelines and make sure to hit the deadlines I provide and we are smooth sailing through it all.

Some of my favorite places and/or venues in Phoenix are: Mountain Shadows Resort, Royal Palms Resort, The Paseo, Wedgewood Secret Garden, and Wedgewood Stonebridge Manor.