Jane in the Woods

Eclectic - Sophisticated - Distinctive

Personally, I am a nature enthusiast, inventive day dreamer, introspective soul, wife to the best man ever, amateur colorer and on a daily basis guilty of asking, ‘where the heck did I set my coffee down?” kinda gal. The entire world feels like my playground and I am consistently seeking out my next adventure or new city to explore. I feel tremendously fortunate that my personal passions double as inspiration for my professional life and event designs. Groovy beats get my imagination flowing and I’ve never met a tile pattern in other countries that didn’t immediately spark a new color palette or concept. My brides are the best brides and I often get sad when their weddings wrap up because it was such a joy to get to know them and have so much in common.

From an early age I recall being enthralled with wedding and event design. Once I finished my college chapter and sorted through a few avenues that did not fill my artistic cravings; it felt like a very natural segway to land in weddings. Some pivotal moments in my career that have made me re-fall in love are my couples’ reactions to their event design and their endless gratitude for my support in ensuring they have their wedding day their way. It warms my soul and brings immense joy to alleviate their stress and exceed their expectations with the final product. Every event production is different from the other and I love conjuring up individualized experiences + designs. Intimately getting to know and understand my client’s is what allows me to fall in love over and over with each event. Let’s call it like it is; weddings are freaking hard and seriously emotionally charged. It never feels tiresome to give someone peace of mind and the best day of their life.