Kyle Hustis

My style shifts in many different directions. I am fortunate to have found my niche in the clientele that is looking for something unlike anything else in the valley. When engaged couples reach out to me, it is often because they feel I am able to illustrate the fun spirit of the day rather than a typical, whimsical wedding video. I like to say that if you were to request me to edit your video to Thunderstruck by AC/DC, I would have no problem and would find it fun to create something fun and nontraditional!

Hello! My name is Kyle Hustis. I have been a wedding videographer for 8 years and still feel as though I am learning something new every week. I have been fortunate enough to be one of the first full-time filmmakers in the Valley. I am a father of three boys and have the most beautiful bride in the world as my wife.

I have been so lucky to have the coolest, most chill clients in the world, it's insane! Working with them is like hanging out with friends I haven't seen in years. I find myself having so many things in common with them and we digress into fun conversations about our daily lives and interests! These are my dream clients. The ones that I find myself working with every weekend.

I believe that every wedding is unique, and I love to work with couples to create a video that truly reflects their personalities and style. If you're looking for a videographer who will capture the magic and emotion of your big day in a fun, natural, and romantic way, I'd be honored to be a part of your celebration. 

I am not a huge traveler so Arizona is the place I wanna be! I love working at all of the beautiful venues in Paradise Valley. They are pristine locations for destination weddings so it is always so fun to see these couples light up from the beauty of the Arizona Valley. When I am not doing big traditional weddings, I often find myself doing intimate elopements up North. Sedona has been the scene of some of my most favorite films. I never turn down an opportunity to film couples amongst the Red Rock!